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Is your skin dry/dehydrated? Are you frustrated and uncomfortable most of the time? If you or someone you know has answered yes to these questions you MUST try Boskin Emollient Cream and Boskin Emollient Shower Gel. This naturally nourishing, non-greasy lotion absorbs quickly and contains no fragrance. It’s unique and tested formula which consists of natural ingredients will not only offer relief for you, but will also leave your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy-looking.

Why is this the right product for you?

“Rejuvenate your skin with this successful European formula.”

Our products come from BODERM Pharmaceutical Company who produce these products in Greece only to become highly impressed. They are a dynamic company who engage in International market of Medicines and Cosmetics with the aim to provide high quality of product and services in favour of consumers’ health benefit.

Our History

Safe for the whole family.
This antioxidant formula is beneficial for the whole family as it soothes, protects and refreshes keeping
the skin texture supple and smooth. It is designed for frequent used for infants, children and adults.

MATINA SKIN CARE SOLUTIONS is a company that began through a personal experience. The source of inspiration is based on the founder’s daughter who was born with severe atopic eczema. Ever since being an infant she had been under the care of a specialist who prescribed different products in order to stabilize her skin. By the time she became a toddler, although her condition had greatly improved, she still suffered from dryness which left her skin feeling rough and flaky. This became more obvious during season change periods, as the irritation was followed by redness and intense itching. It all started on a family vacation to Greece in the summer of 2017 when her condition aggravated due to the long plane journey which resulted in visiting a dermatologist. After treating her skin condition, the doctor advised a follow up with BOSKIN EMOLLIENT Shower Gel as well as BOSKIN EMOLLIENT Cream. In fact, he suggested using these two hydrating products in order to maintain healthy and smooth skin. Since various over the counter products had already been used with no obvious long-term effects, the founder took the dermatologists advice and began using the products. This is where the journey of MATINA SKIN products started. The first thing she appreciated was the non- greasy effect of the cream. Using it twice a day along with the shower gel, she noticed a HUGE difference on her daughter’s skin. The more it was used the smoother and healthier her daughter’s skin became. Since this had worked for her daughter why shouldn’t it be able to help others with similar skin problems? She thought of a few cases she had known in Canada and how they would benefit from the products. In fact, she gave out samples to a few of her friends
who testified on the products. With successful results.

just what your skin has been waiting for

Rejuvenate your skin with this successful European formula. Say good bye to dry, itchy & irritated skin.


Emollient Cream


Emollient Shower Gel


Boskin cream & shower gel set

what Our clients are saying

"My daughter and I both suffer from dry skin and eczema, and Boskin has immensely helped heal it. I highly recommend Boskin!"
"Quality ingredients. Tested on family members with real results. It works."
"Fantastic! Boskin keeps my skin moisturized without being greasy or clogging my pores."
"It sinks straight in, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin mousturized for a long time."

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